Eman Anderson, Simon Chamberlain, Sean Johnson, Joe Sexton, Jp Walker

StepChild is a snowboard company, started and owned by Sean Johnson, a self proclaimed ‘washed up’ 90’s pro snowboarder and childhood shred buddy Brad Richmond.

At StepChild we aren’t trying to sell you a cheap piece of wood covered in marketing trickery, flashy graphics and copied technology, we just make quality snowboards that are built to last, be it on the mountain or the street. We are one of the last fully independent Snowboard brand in the industry that has been over run with corporations looking to make a quick buck.

From our first catalog that we photocopied at Kinko’s back in 2001 to the Blunter Magazine and catalogue we release each year, we’re still doing whatever we want and not letting bitchy team managers or corporate flakes dictate to us what snowboarding is. We’ve been involved in almost every aspect of snowboarding since 1985. We are the ‘old dogs’ that learned to ride on a golf course until the mountain allowed us access. We know what its like to be the hungry and broke riders scrounging for gear and lift passes each season – we still are!.

At StepChild its our mission to help develop great products while supporting professional and amateur riders so that they can continue to progress our sport the way we feel it should be done.  We are now celebrating being in business for 13 years and as much of a struggle as it has been at times we stand by our product and our team 110%..frankly, it’s the reason we’re still around.

StepChild is the belief of everyone involved, from our Pros to our up and coming Ams and Child Support riders to our small but fearless office crew and our die-hard owners Sean and Brad.  We are not claiming to take back the industry however we are doing our best to keep it rooted.

StepChild SnowboardsBigger Hearts Than Brains!

Designed in Canada
Maiden Austria