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MONDAY double post

Go get your JP Walker desktop wallpaper on TWSNOW.COM , then watch a quick edit from the yobeat guys of the DTTD that went down on saturday in San Fran. Hobush was the first loser, winning $3000 for 2nd place.

Bruners X Nowamean @ Whistler

Edit from the Mt.Bruno shreds X Nowamean from Whistler this summer. Dillon Ojo, LP Dorval and more stepchild heads getting involved on the action.

Labour Day 3k

Labour Day 3k goes down on labour day. Hobush skates like a demon. 7 mins you won’t regret.


Night out at the Drive In

This Thursday we are hosting with DC, Nitro, Burton and Coastal Riders a night at the Drive-In movie theatre (260th st & Fraser highway, Langley, BC). Bunch of movies on show that night, going to be fun, drinking and dirtbikes. see you there!

stay tuned for details of Givin Too premier in vancouver we will be dropping soon.


New Teaser for The Dark Side with Sexton

This should tie everyone over til a premier comes to your town, and if not, go grab a copy from your local shop, or if you hate having real DVDs around the house, itll be dropping on itunes real soon.


StepChild x Videograss

9pm, 25th @ the Rio, Vancouver. We will be showcasing the Darkside and Enlighten for you folkes. come down early. see you there.

Footyfiend @ Camp of Champs

Lost iPhone fish eye footy with DIllon Ojo, Jim Morrison AKA Cody Wilson, Brandon Hobush and Alex “bat outta hell” Stathis.