Joes Video Links

Joe Sexton will be choosing some of his favorite online video links. They’ll be everything from snowboard videos,skate videos, to just random nonsense clips. We’ll be doing one of these a week. What better way to launch this than Joe choosing one of his all time favorite riders and video parts. JP Walker in Technical Difficulties. Enjoy….

“JP Walker in technical difficulties:I chose this video because this was the first snowboard video i ever saw, I remember walking into a shop and thinking 30$ was crazy to pay for a snowboard video. I got the video and ran home to watch it. i had never really seen any snowboarding videos before that so to pop in that video and see what other snowboarders were doing was really mind blowing to me. JP’s part sticks out to me because he was my favorite growing up from this video part and on. Its really amazing to see what he has accomplished and to watch all his progression as a kid and then eventually end up filming side by side to him is a really crazy feeling. I still think he should bring back the visor beanie!”

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