Nowamean – Deadend Teaser

Catch LP Dorval and Dillon Ojo in the hammer teaser for Nowameans new flick DeadEnd. Big things out of Quebec.


BGA’s full part from DOPE III last year.

Layne Treeter – DOPE III FULL PART

Laynes Part from DOPE III last year.

Footyfiend up Mt Seymour

Cody Wilson, Adam Franks and Braedon Wheeler get hot laps in up Mt Seymour with Footyfiend. Bawdin’.

On Our Grind teaser

Simon is undertaking a new project this year “On Our Grind”, check out the teaser featuring StepChild dirt Danny Glibota.

VG Mayday teaser

Joe Sexton and Darrell Mathes are set for another heavy year with VG, check out the Mayday teaser.

StepChild causing controversy at the Olympics – what else do you expect?

If you guys have seen it we recently made international news when one of our 14/15 models the “Kam Knife” got mistaken for an anti-Putin/Russian Government propaganda tool at the Sochi 2014 Olympic games when Russian rider Alexey Sobolev hit the slopestyle course. Basically international media thought that the graphic was to support jailed activist band Pussy Riot, a band that the Russian government really don’t like. Of course we never intended 10 months ago when we designed the board that it would be on the feet of an olympian and that the media would blow something up so hilariously small as a top sheet graphic to top news pages around the world (huffington post, yahoo sports, latimes, cbc). Just to say, we support human rights and being able to say whatever the fuck you want, but we did not intend the 14/15 Kam Knife to be a political statement… its just a chick in a balaclava with a knife. nothing more.

Darrell Mathes – Vans Introspect

Check out this short feature Vans did on Darrell, featuring Joey cameo.

Footyfiend – Global Warming

E-man, Cody Wilson and Braeden Wheeler hit hot fire laps in the latest Footyfiend edit. Good to have Cody and Eman boarding again after their respected injuries last season. watch the edit.