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Footyfiend – Global Warming

E-man, Cody Wilson and Braeden Wheeler hit hot fire laps in the latest Footyfiend edit. Good to have Cody and Eman boarding again after their respected injuries last season. watch the edit.

End of Season Jam at Mount Seymour

come join us tomorrow at Mount Seymour, Vancouver, for an end of year Jam with lots of prizes, BBQ, music and afterparty. we got coastal riders, Stiffy’s and Boardroom loading up giveaways and also snag product from Gnarly, Ashbury, Sandbox, Neff and Duh Bolts.

EMAN is back in the game. New Footyfiend

some of you may or may not know, Eman has been out for most of the season having smashed his face in good and proper in December requiring a bunch of screws and metal plate or 2 in his face, jaw, eye socket and upper mouth patella. anyways, hes back in the new footfiend.

GIVIN Too on iToones

GIVIN Too is now on iToones featuring Layne Treeter, Eman Anderson, Tim Ronan and Alex Stathis. watch the video and go buy it now!