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JPs full part

JP just dropped his latest video part. Born in the 70′s and still throwing down hammers. enjoy.

Jibberish Volume 2 Ep 3

JP and Simon travel to Finland to hit up some old and new spots in the latest ep of Jibberish. JP got injured early on into the trip and instead of sulking around at the hotel he met up with Finnish rapper Rico Wamos (friend of Jibberish filmer Ilari) and put together a track.

Jibberish Vol.2 ep 2

JP and Simon surprise 7 year old Cameron with a spontaneous trip to his back yard jib park

Jibberish Vol 2 – The Spot.

first Jibberish of the Season features JP and Simon hitting the new Spot at Brighton with homies.

Jibberish Vol 2 teaser

mini teaser from The Spot for the new season of jibberish