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VG Mayday teaser

Joe Sexton and Darrell Mathes are set for another heavy year with VG, check out the Mayday teaser.

Joe Sexton // Last Ones // Full Part

Enjoy Joes latest full part brought to you courtesy of VG. This is worth 4 minutes of your time, so stop what your doing at work and give it a watch.

Bearmation ep 3

Joe and friends rip park laps at Bear MTN. check it out.

The Last Ones is online!

Go to iTunes or to your local shop to pick up Videograss’ latest release, The Last Ones. Featuring, Joe, Darrell, Stathis and Layne.

Blunter Vol 4 Issue 6 – Joe Guest Editor

New episode of BLUNTER zine is up. Joe Gets his grubby hands involved with the editors, featuring Joe’s early snowboarding influences and interview with 1817 co-founder, John Hodge. Go to for a break down of some of Joes favourite parts, and ours, of Nima Jalili, Kooley, LeBlanc, Stevens, Chamberlain, Bennee and Mathes. or just read it below.

Terror at Troll

Joe and the 1817 boys just released a good way to occupy 10 minutes of your tuesday. watch Terror at Troll

Minor Leakage: longest 5050 with Joe Sexton

VGsnow just dropped a minor leak on their new last ones. see Joe stomp a giant rail in MN.

Joey in the latest Sunday in the Park

Joe Sexton delivers the goods in this weeks episode of Sunday in the Park. Bradshaw on that old sims too is slick.