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On Our Grind teaser

Simon is undertaking a new project this year “On Our Grind”, check out the teaser featuring StepChild dirt Danny Glibota.

Simon interview with Snowboarder Mag

to coincide with Simon’s video part (that dropped yesterday duh) Snowboarder sat down with Simi to talk filming, changes in the game and newly found Dad strength. click the image below to go read it.

Simon’s full part

Simon just dropped his full part over on Snowboarder mag. Rounding up a summer im sure he would remember for a long time – first time dad – his part reiterates the common knowledge that Simon has the best style in the game.

Blunter Vol 4 Issue 6 – Joe Guest Editor

New episode of BLUNTER zine is up. Joe Gets his grubby hands involved with the editors, featuring Joe’s early snowboarding influences and interview with 1817 co-founder, John Hodge. Go to for a break down of some of Joes favourite parts, and ours, of Nima Jalili, Kooley, LeBlanc, Stevens, Chamberlain, Bennee and Mathes. or just read it below.

Handplant Holidays


JP recently teamed up with Bear mtn to throw the Handplant Holidays – an after hours, invite only weekend at Bear to pitt two of the best teams of riders against each other who have conquered all sorts of handplants. Invitee’s included reigning handplant superstar and Snowboarder Mags el capitano Pat Bridges, Scott Stevens, Chris Grenier, Marko Grilic, Tim Eddy, Jeremy Jones, Ben Bilocq, Dave Downing, Dale Rehberg, Cody Rosenthal, Simon Chamberlain and JP himself. All maner of handplants, egg rolls, Andrechts, Inverts, and swirlies went down. head over to Snowboarder Mags write up here for Bridges detailed breakdown of the invent.

Simon ended up taking both MVP and Plant of the day from his peers, winning two sets of prizes, he however gave his plant of the day prize to Marko Grilic. good dude. heres photos we stole from snowboarder mags coverage here.


pat bridges is a g





Jibberish Vol.2 ep 2

JP and Simon surprise 7 year old Cameron with a spontaneous trip to his back yard jib park

Jibberish Vol 2 teaser

mini teaser from The Spot for the new season of jibberish

Simon in the Arlberg

Last year Simon spent a few weeks in the Arlberg region of Austria, heres a little edit Giro put together.

B.O.B chews the fat with Simon

friends over at Ballin on a Budget just put up this interview they did with Simon. check it out here