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Simon’s full part

Simon just dropped his full part over on Snowboarder mag. Rounding up a summer im sure he would remember for a long time – first time dad – his part reiterates the common knowledge that Simon has the best style in the game.

Joe’s Video Links: Justin Hebbel

“this is justin hebbel in burning bridges. This part meant so much to me as a kid, because hebbel was a big influence for me and still is i still watch his parts to this day. He had such good style and showed that its not what you do but how you do it. he didn’t have to do the craziest trick or combo to make you take notice. He always did proper tricks and made them look really good. Its a shame he is not still snowboarding because he was one of the best. This part is unique too because this year he was sick or got hurt or something i don’t think anyone really knows the story, but he was able to film 3 tricks and it is still one of my favorite parts in the whole video. thats just a testament to how special his snowboarding was. quality over quantity” – Joe